About Us

In late 2004, brothers Charlie and Randy Sconyers were stretching their small minds on the lack of quality restaurants in South Augusta. Their brainstorming started them on the road to creating a restaurant where people of all ages could come enjoy various types of foods in a casual and fun atmosphere.

Having obtained their educations from a place called Hephzibah High School, the brainstorming took quite an extended amount of time! They wanted a place with high quality foods (most are made from scratch) yet wanted to keep prices reasonable. They named the restaurant because of it’s location, which is directly in front of Coyote’s nightclub.

Everyone knows that “The Roadrunner” is always in front of the “Coyote” (they learned this during thier educational time at Hephzibah)! Roadrunner’s food has quickly taken taken their customers by surpise. Their customers continually invite new friends to come out and visit and enjoy not only the food, but the laid back casual atmosphere.

Charlie and Randy personally invite you to come out and see what Roadrunner Cafe has to offer! And if you don’t enjoy it, they’ll take you on an all expense paid trip “cow tipping” in Hephzibah!

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